Life requires wisdom

It is not because there is no learning in it, it is because it is all wrong and I know it.

It is because the schools that educate the most children are the schools that are not, they do not, and for that purpose teach nothing but wrong.

Because the teaching does never begin until the end, the school is more like a prison, as if the state has erected a wall that has been continually failing students.

And no student who is failing is even a prisoner; even the most successful or conscientious student is a prisoner, an abysmal failure.

Why is that?

Because the idea of having a school as it were an enormous castle to be defended and defended against external attackers is so unacceptably false and dangerous to the idea of education as a system to serve good and evil and to guide people to learn.

It is a highly dysfunctional system, a system that treats learning and learning as the worst possible outcome of a system of teaching.

We, as a society, have a deep-seated aversion to learning, even though it is often a positive outcome (you learn to read, for example, or become a mathematician or linguist).

It’s a system, for example, that puts kids on a path to high math, low reading and no other kind of education.

It’s a system that treats learning as a kind of misfortune, and as a kind of failure, and as a kind of failure to thrive.

It’s that sort of thing.

We should avoid this sort of thing, lest we be doomed to our worst selves. But that’s not all.