My experiences as a new scholar

I’ve always wanted to study art and design. If they’d teach me this, I could become a professional designer.

I always wanted my friends to be artists. If they’d teach me this, I could become a professional artist.

I’m a pretty creative person, I like to experiment, and I think that this could be the best way to try out new things.

I’m planning to apply to school in San Francisco as soon as possible. I didn’t know all their courses had been open enrollment. They had offered these for the past five years.

I was thinking about it but this seemed like a great opportunity. I took my test on Saturday, I was already familiar and experienced with all the courses, but I didn’t know any of the programs.

I am thinking of contacting some of my friends and relatives to apply for the competition! My family does not allow me to use their phone number, so I would have to call them directly to apply.

The program has been a really success, I got some great responses to other articles/advertisements and I even got invited to some competitions but I didnt want to go because I don’t find this very fun.

I do not have a twitter or reddit name, I am still trying to figure out if people follow this blog.