Not all parents are qualified to teach these lessons

Schools are for kids; they allow children to do things to themselves that are not permitted in the real world and that are not necessary in school.

School has not freed teachers from the classroom, but it has left them with the impression that what they do is necessary.

They know that it’s something that teachers ought to do because that’s how they should have done it: through the schooling process.

The school system does not make these things possible, to say the least. So when teachers are fired or forced into poverty or homelessness or suicide or in a way that exposes them by their actions to the world, they are not taught the proper ways to be teachers or to do what’s necessary for the real world.

They are trained in mediocrity.

In the name of freedom, of individual choice and personal responsibility, the school system creates a framework of curriculum, of which no one has enough knowledge to know what is required, of which no one has the time or skills to do the work in question, let alone to do it the correct way.

It provides the excuse, the excuse we would not have, for our failures in ‪the real world.

Why are we supposed to fail in schools? In fact, it is because education is a form of the very failure we are taught to condemn, and in fact one that requires us to have an innate hatred of education.

Schools are not educational; they are a vehicle for a social and political order that has the consent of the majority. And they are, without question, a failure.